Our wines are obtained only after a painstaking manual labor in the vineyard, going from winter pruning, the binding and then to the various cleaning steps of the vines until grape harvest.


The grape harvest begins only after complete maturation. The grape harvest is done manually.

The grapes are transported by the trolleys, and there begins the process of transformation through a destemmed and transferred to the vitrified cement tanks (for blacks wines only), where will the fermentation which lasts from 8 to 15 days.

During this period, fresh replacements are made to promote the activation and multiplication of yeasts and greater extraction of tannins and coloring substances and allows to periodically break the marc cap formed during the alcoholic fermentation. When the transformation of sugar into alcohol and the maceration is finished we proceed to the racking.


With the racking is made of the liquid separation from solid particles of skins and seeds.
This is followed by the pressing extracting the liquid remaining from the pomace. Soft pressing of the grapes allows to maintain and safeguard during vinification aromas that have formed in the grapes. The dregs will be sent to the distillery for the production of grappa. The wine is kept in the basement to warm to facilitate the malo-lactic fermentation. Subsequently operate the decanted several times by separating the solids, precipitated due to a natural decantation from the wine which will be transferred in barrels depending on the type of wine.